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The Pink Heart Organic Mugwort Smudge Sticks

The Pink Heart Organic Mugwort Smudge Sticks

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Organic Mugwort Smudge Stick

Bound with intention for working with the Heart energy of Self Love. For cleansing spaces before spiritual practice and self healing. For when you wish to connect to the wisdom of your heart for self discovery in the dream time.


Organically and shamanically grown, harvested and ceremonially bound with 100% Egyptian cotton threads with the colours of the Self Love Heart.


Smudge Stick 01: Approx 15cm long x 3.5cm wide

Smudge Stick 02: approx 21cm long x 3cm wide

Smudge Stick 03: approx 21cm long x 3cm wide


My smudge sticks are practical tools and not ornamentals intended for aethetics only. As such, they look like natural dried herbs should and not the currently fashionable, entirely impractical bouquets tied with twine that are currently touted as smudge. You know the ones I mean.

When these sticks are fully dry and ready to use - and they are only listed for sale when they are - my photographs show their dried state. The colours naturally fade. They are incredibly vibrant when harvested and as they dry, many lose their colours but definitely not their vibrancy!


All of my sacred botanical, ceremonial craft tools and medicines are sown, grown, harvested and crafted by me, with loving intention and deep gratitude for their blessings and abundance. Their magickal craft partner must also have an open and loving heart with similar intentions.


    Smudge is used by lighting the unbound end and gently extinguishing any flame so that the herbs can smolder and smoke. Always hold a heatproof dish underneath to catch any falling loose herbs. Always place in a heatproof dish when smoldering. As these smudge sticks and botanical wands often contain flowers and flowerheads, these can burn faster and loosen a little quicker from the stick so it is essential to use a heatproof vessel to catch these.

    Ensure the smudge stick is completely extinguished when not in use - this can be done by gently pressing the lit end against the heatproof dish until you are absolutely sure the smudge stick is completely extinguished. Never leave a smoldering smudge stick unattended. 

    If using as a botanical wand, use as you would with any other kind of wand, aligning with the magick of the medicine of the plants outlined in the description. The botanical wands listed can also be used as smudge, whichever you prefer, although they do have more stems to ensure their structure and may burn slower or need additional relighting.

    Feathers and other smudging tools

    Smudging is often done with a ceremonial feather, to gently guide the smoke - this is especially useful when cleansing a room, item or person. A feather is not neccessary to smudge as the smoke will fill the area but many find it useful.

    Once you have smudged and cleansed what you wish, pass the feather through the smoke of the smudge with the intention of cleansing the feather, a good practice of energetic hygiene for your tools, ready for the next use. Smudge smoke can also be used to cleanse crystals, jewellery, talismen, tarot and oracle decks, altar items and other sacred tools by passing them through the smoke when your ceremonial work is done.

    Smudging is also a good practice to cleanse a room if there has been any disagreement, tension, arguments or heavy energies present. It is also an excellent cleanser in a sick room, or room used for health recovery - I have created a specific smudge for this here. It is also useful for when you have been in difficult situation or environment.


    All herbs and flowers contained in VOLVA smudge sticks are hand sown, grown, harvested and crafted by Andrea The Volva, Woman of Medicine and Magick, prepared and crafted in the unqiue and deeply sacred VOLVA Herbarium & Apothecary on the West Coast of Scotland.

    All botanical creations are intended TO BE USED in your ceremonies, rituals and craft work. These beautiful creations are gifts from the Earth and can only affect change when they are used as your partner and ally. They have been crafted for practitioners both skilled and beginner - they are witchery for the wise - and not as items that fit a 'witch aesthetic'.

    All herbs are grown organically and shamanically, with respect for the herb and the land, and are grown in a medicine wheel specifically designed to amplify and nurture the energetic and spiritual properties of the plants.


    Remove the outer paper wrapping before use. Always have sufficient ventilation when using smudge sticks. VOLVA smudge sticks are powerful medicine and you need not use much at all to connect and work with the smoke of the plants.

    It should go without saying but do not burn near any flammable materials or soft furnishings! Ensure you use out of reach of, and away from the vicinity, of children and animals.


    There are very limited numbers of  the botanical medicines, preparations and sacred craft items available each year, and some may not be available at all in any given year due to growing conditions or other unforseen influences of Nature! 

    Due to the plants and the seasons, no two items are ever the same - each one is unique. So, a smudge stick or flower essence grown and harvested one year will be different in many ways in the next harvest, even when it contains the same plants. This is dependent on the elements, weather, energy and other factors. Many clients and customers have items from different years and harvests that are used for different works of craft. This often makes these items exciting to work with, to get reaquainted with a new incarnation of an old friend!


    All items are not intended to cure, diagnose or treat any medical condition. They are for ritual and ceremonial use only and are sold for external  use only.

    Avoid using smudge sticks during pregnancy.


    If you are unhappy in any way of the quality of the items offered here, this makes me unhappy too - I want to ensure you are delighted with the quality, energy and sacredness of the plant allies you have chosen for your craft. I ensure this as much as possible in their sowing, growing, harvesting and preparation. 

    Please get in touch if there is any issue.

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