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Volva (vol-va): 
seeress, witch, prophetess, sorceress, wise woman, priestess

'I’m genuinely astounded how Andrea knows issues that I have not told her about.

She is a truly talented practitioner...combining different philosophies, her vast experience and her deep down compassion for fellow beings.'

Paula, Client

the wise woman for wise women

Andrea is an experienced Clairvoyant & Claircognizant (Psychic), Spiritual Teacher, Earthworker, Plant Shaman and Medicine Woman, a down-to-earth practitioner working professionally for 25 years with the guidance and wisdom of Spirit, the ancient teachings of Tarot and the Medicine of the Land to share insights for transformative healing, soul recovery and spiritual development for humans, animals, homes, spaces and the Earth.

plant shamanism, magick and herb craft

Andrea is a professionally qualified Horticulturist and Shaman and has been working with plant magick and herb craft for over 30 years, communing with the spirits of the plant kingdom, and sows, grows, harvests and prepares the plants used in her bewitching botanicals and sacred supplies in her own medicine gardens at VOLVA HQ on the West Coast of Scotland. These gardens were specifically designed and built by Andrea to maximise the potency of the plants. She has written extensively in her newsletters and blog on a wide range of subjects including tarot, channelled messages from Spirit, the cycles of Nature, psychology and shamanism and holistic approaches to women's health.

maiden, mother, crone

Andrea has extensive experience in guiding with women through transformation; Maiden Mother and Crone, the rites of passage in a woman's life including menarche (puberty), motherhood and menopause. She has specific experience in helping women trying to conceive and serving as a Shamanic Midwife, a psychic conduit of communication between mother and baby.

animal whispering and pet psychic

Her work with animals is incredibly varied - from Highland cows and horses to crows and pigeons. She has worked extensively in psychic pet communications with cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs. This is currently her sole work with animals, attending in the psychic space remotely.

death doula

She has facilitated as a Death doula for those in the final embrace on the earthly realm - both human and animal, including her own family and animal companions - as spiritual companion and human psychopomp to those passing to the next stage of their journey.


'You already have everything you need to connect to the depths of yourself, your intuition, your inner sight. But sometimes you may need a helping hand to show you the paths, to light the ways, that take you there, and this is what I do for my clients - to reveal to you, through cartomancy and psychic readings, the gifts you already have that are waiting for you to discover them. 

In my readings, you will discover those aspects that appear to be hidden - we look beyond the veils that are presented - to commune with Spirit and the wisdom of your allies in other worlds, calling upon their guidance and direction. Tarot is a method by which Spirit communicates to us, Shamanic trance and journeying is another - there are many ways to hear the ancestral voices of wisdom.

The plants are another of those voices. They share so much with us and my practice is framed around the guidance of Nature. My love for the Green World is lifelong and I am so honoured and humbled to work with those that reside within, to bring you the incredible love, healing and power they offer. The Earth and Her cycles, the Elements, Directions and Kingdoms are the great teachers; the wisest of women.'

 - Andrea

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