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Values: The Guiding Star

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A mighty moral compass. 

This is the grounding of VOLVA. 

In a sea of misinformation, questionable practices and ill informed 'craft' that is anything of the sort, VOLVA is a safe shore.

We are living in a time where a witch aesthetic is aspirational. From social media exclamations and memes of pointy hats and stripey tights to curated Insta with waftings of smudge smoke, a lot of this aesthetic and appearance-based popularity is packed full of misinformation and is often defined by misleading ideas of what personal power actually is and how to use it.

How times have changed. Can you imagine what witches of our past would think of this current shallow fashion? How we have forgotten our history, how we disrespect our ancestors; The Cailleach, The Bhean Feasa, The Völva, The Shaman, whatever you wish to name her, persecuted for being Nature's child and bringing healing and wisdom to her community.

At the same time, not so much has really changed at all. A most effective witch will still be a little feared, shunned and persecuted, only in modern times the burning at the stake is a little more psychological than physical.

VOLVA is too long in the tooth - experienced enough to know the dangers, however well intentioned, to be indulging in childsplay - and this is one of the reasons VOLVA was born. To guide us back to accountability and personal responsibility, to affect real and positive change through experience and wisdom from connecting with our Mother.


VOLVA's moral compass is the anchor that allows the practice, its clients and the products to explore, expand and evolve into new territory, safe in the knowledge of a watertight ethos of knowing who we are and who came before us.


To build confidence in craft, we must have a strong foundation - our moral compass above.


VOLVA's services and products are designed and created to not only inspire you to explore your inner power but to fully EMBRACE IT and to USE IT FOR GOOD.

VOLVA's purpose is to EMPOWER - to guide, lead and support you on your path of spiritual evolution with knowledge, skill and wisdom in the use of psychic practices, shamanism, plant mysticism, herb craft, living with the cycles of the Earth, sacred rituals and ceremonies, and how to commune with our craft and spirit allies.

Image by Jonathan Kemper


VOLVA's belief is that all craft and spiritual practice should be guided by a longing to reconnect with those things that we are borne from - The Earth and The Stars - and to be a force for positive change, not led by ego, desire or personal want. This often takes ruthless examination of ourselves, our motives and revisiting the areas of our practice where we need to foster courage and conviction.

With dedicated focus on you and where you are on the path, VOLVA products and services provide a source of strength and skill, borne from years of fearless questioning and alchemy; exploration through experimentation and the search for wisdom through an open mind and a receptive heart.

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With over 25 years of experience, Andrea is highly respected in her field by both clients and peers.

Described as 'the witch's witch', she is the Wise Woman for wise women; the natural choice for those who are seeking experience, truth, skill, knowledge and integrity.

The incredible extensiveness of her practice and experience highlights her conviction and commitment to heart led practice that is not afraid to delve deeper, both for herself and her clients. All services and products are approached with the highest of standards.



In all aspects of her craft over the years - from calling down the souls for women ready to conceive and serving as the shamanic midwife (the conduit of psychic communication between baby and mother) to cradling the crone on her final earth journey and her service as a death doula for humans and animals alike - Andrea's practice in VOLVA is defined by compassion.


A deep reverence for the Earth, and all those borne of Her clay, is essential for craft. VOLVA is not in the business of practices that attempt to overthrow free will or influence people's actions, and those who seek VOLVA's services are like-hearted.

It takes wisdom, compassion and courage to be objective enough to extend help and support, with an awareness of when we are acting from a place of our own fear and insecurity, rather than respecting the boundaries that true, loving and wise craft demands.

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