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Witchery For The Wise

psychic craft, plant alchemy & folk magic


Here at VOLVA you will discover expert knowledge, skilled services and botanical craft to develop, strengthen and unlock your intuitive potential, empower your spiritual evolution and support your rituals and ceremonies.
With over 25 years of experience, VOLVA is the witchery for the wise.
Whether you are an excited beginner or a seasoned practitioner, VOLVA is for the discerning witch.

meaning (Norse): seeress, shaman, wise woman, witch, priestess

Meet Andrea,
The Wise Woman for wise women

Andrea The Volva - Psychic and Shaman.jpg


Explore the wisdom and power of psychic craft and insight through VOLVA's tarot, solestry (foot reading), psychic readings and spiritual services, events and workshops - catalysing positive change and personal transformation - to be an intuitive and deeply connected force for good for yourself, others and our Mother Earth.
VOLVA's base and sacred space is the Apothecary, near Glasgow in the west of Scotland.
Greeting you wherever you are, Andrea works with like minded souls remotely worldwide.


readings for wherever you are in life - and in the world 

Bewitching Botanicals

Alchemy, Plant Shamanism and Herbal Craft

VOLVA's selection of sacred plant medicines, botanical tools and herbal witchcraft supplies are organically grown in dedicated gardens right here in the West Coast of Scotland, and are specifically sown, homegrown, hand harvested and crafted with intention, purpose and reverence to aid you in your self discovery and ceremonial, ritual work and healing work, deepening your connection and understanding of Nature and The Wheel Of The Year through the power of our plant allies.
VOLVA's organic and shamanic gardens - the WytchWood Medicine Wheel and the Garden Of The Goddess - have been designed to maximise the potency of the plants, nurturing the loving voices from the soil to speak to your soul.

Herbarium & Apothecary

sacred ceremonial supplies

organically homegrown

harvested & prepared with reverence

one of a kind

small batch

wytchcrafted in scotland

Empowering Your Practice

VAlues & Mission

The foundational ethos and 5 key cornerstones of VOLVA's craft

Compass  Confidence  Courage  Conviction and Compassion


The 5 Pointed Star

VOLVA's ethos

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